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Serve others.

Welcome all.

Sunday Evening Worship at 7pm

Thursday Night Worship at 11pm


Join us in worship on Sunday at 7pm or Thursday at 11pm in Kay Chapel! All are welcome!

Listen to our latest sermons and student meditations. on our podcast. Read our older sermons and find community statements, bulletin covers, and the UMSA cookbook on our media archives

You can sign up to help lead worship on Sundays or Thursdays during worship on Sunday, or on the bulletin board outside the office. 

Sunday Worship:

Our Sunday worship services are traditional United Methodist services and you’ll find that there is an open, informal atmosphere in which students are involved in all aspects of worship.

We gather for worship in order to center ourselves, to be in closer communion with God, and to hear a message from the chaplain. Our services also include hymn singing, scripture reading, a time for sharing of our joys and concerns, prayer, and music.

Thursday Healing Service:

“Healing” in its Christian context means helping people toward spiritual wholeness through prayer and support.

This intimate service includes a brief meditation and hymn singing.

Special features are the celebration of Holy Communion followed by prayers of intercession individually and collectively.


Sunday Food and Fellowship, Sundays at 8pm

After worship we gather in Kay lounge to spend time together and eat snacks. Once a month the campus ministry team at Metropolitan Memorial UMC provides dinner.

Bible Study, Wednesdays at 7pm

Each week we will discuss a passage from the Bible, this semester we are talking about the Letters of John (1 John, 2 John, and 3 John). Before Bible study, Metropolitan Memorial UMC provides dinner to their Wednesday night study groups and they invite us on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Free Food Friday, Friday at 11am

The Campus Ministry Team at Metropolitan Memorial UMC provide free pizza,  a vegetable tray, snacks, and drinks in the AU Lounge. Contact us for directions.

Monthly Movie with the Methodists, First Tuesdays at 9pm

On the first Tuesday of each month during the school year, we watch a movie in Mary Graydon 200. During the movie we offer free pizza. After the movie, we have a brief discussion about how the topic of the movie connects with our faith.



College is a time of great exploration and adventure, but sometimes changes bring anxiety and you need someone to talk to. Whether it’s about questions of faith or problems with your roommate, your chaplains are available for counseling, advice, or just to lend an ear.

United Methodist Chaplain – Rev. Joey Heath-Mason

Joey was raised in southern Georgia and attended college at Valdosta State University, as a political science major. He planned to attend law school, but then spent several years working a variety of jobs. God called Joey in 2008. He enrolled at Wesley Theological Seminary for a Master of Divinity degree. After he graduated, Joey began work at Stone Chapel UMC in New Windsor, MD. Following that he worked for 3 years at Silver Spring UMC as the associate pastor before being appointed to serve the AU community in July 2016. 

Joey’s passion in ministry is to see life changing transformation in the world and to be the church where all are welcomed and embraced for exactly who God has created each one to be. Joey can be contacted by phone at (202) 885-3304 or


Associate Chaplain – Rick Sullivan

Rick has been placed with us through the General Board of Global Ministries’ Global Mission Fellow US-2 Track as the Associate for Community Engagement. He grew up in Newark, DE and attended the University of Delaware where he studied Italian, Chinese, and Arabic. While at UD, Rick studied abroad in Italy and China. After completing undergrad, he moved to Durham, NC where he completed a Master of Divinity degree program, with a Certificate in Theology, Medicine, and Culture at Duke Divinity School. Rick can be contacted by email at


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Alumni Stories

We are at a time in the church when resources are dwindling and numbers of our congregants are shrinking. Against this backdrop, the vitality of campus ministry as a source for church renewal shines out.

But the stories are not always told and many in the church do not recognize the contributions that campus ministry has made to the vitality of the church and to the engagement of young adults.  Below are some stories of our own students, testifying to the effect that campus ministry has had on their lives.

Your reflections to be posted on this page can be submitted by email.

Let me cut to the chase: I would not have become a Christian, I suspect ever, except for a campus ministry. I would have continued to ignore a call to ministry. I would never have joined any church denomination, let alone the United Methodist Church. Nor would I have ever walked into a church building.

When I left for college, I had already been told–personally and by social apparatus–that I would probably go to hell because I wasn’t properly Christian. Thankfully, this did give rise to a hatred for all things Christian, although I recognize that some of my peers do feel that way and unfortunately have good reasons for those feelings. Instead, it fed curious about all things religious, which seemed to cause people to act out vehement hatred yet also love. This in turn led to two instrumental moments in my life: As a student majoring in the study of religions, I read the Bible; When a friend invited me to see her baptism by one of our campus’s ministries, I went.

The first led to the discovery that everything I thought I knew about the Bible was wrong, that in fact it was full of stories and love and radical inclusion. But what amazed me, what changed everything, was going to that Easter service on campus (not in some cold stone building but there at my home). I saw young people like me actually trying to live out the message of the Bible as I had come to know it, something I had never experienced at any other church ever in my life. These people weren’t there because of social pressure, they were there trying to express Christ’s love in the world because they wanted to.

For me, a campus ministry changed everything.

Anne Lynch, ’12

I was never a formal member of the AU Methodists however I cannot imagine those stressful four years without Mark Schaefer. He was a mentor and a friend. Even as an atheist, I knew that I was welcome at the Methodist gatherings and services anytime. Mark was there for me when I had questions regarding faith and his energy and positivity was genuine. I appreciate what the Methodists do for the AU community. Thanks for everything, Mark!

J Horner, ’07

How to Donate

The AU Methodist Protestant Community relies on the support of its members and friends in order to continue to provide this ministry to the American University campus. Any contribution you make is tax-deductible, and will go to support our worship, programs, and other financial needs. Thank you for supporting this important ministry.

Make a secure online donation by electronic funds transfer from a bank account or by credit/debit bank card.

If you prefer to make a donation by check, you may mail a check payable to the AU United Methodist Chaplaincy at the following address:

AU United Methodist Chaplaincy
Kay Spiritual Life Center
4400 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016-8010

Thank you for supporting the work of the AU United Methodist Chaplaincy!

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