About Us

The AU United Methodist-Protestant Community is an open and ecumenical fellowship for all students, faculty, and staff regardless of age, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, denomination, or religious background. We seek to create a place where all can praise God, grow in their faith, develop meaningful relationships with one another, serve those in need, work for justice, and share the Gospel with all.

We are committed to being an open and inclusive community. The community is affiliated both with the Reconciling Movement and MoSAIC (Methodist Students for an All Inclusive Church).

We are resident in the Kay Spiritual Life Center of American University in Washington, D.C. The Kay Spiritual Life Center is an interfaith chapel which we share with members of the Roman Catholic, Jewish, Pentecostal, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and many, many other faith groups.

The community consists of two main organizations, the United Methodist Chaplaincy, a full-time campus ministry sponsored by the Baltimore-Washington Conference of The United Methodist Church, and the United Methodist Student Association, a student club at American University. Both organizations work in very close partnership, with the UMSA functioning almost as the church council for the Chaplaincy.

Not a club… a Community of Faith

We aim not to be simply a place of worship, or a place to study faith, or even a place to serve, but to be a community in which all the elements of faith are lived out fully. And part of building community is building real and authentic relationships with one another. So whether we’re spending time in worship or prayer, or lending a sympathetic ear, or grabbing a bite to eat or going out to see a movie, we are intent on building real relationships that will be a source of strength and comfort.

As a community, we are committed to being a community of hospitality and inclusiveness.


Hospitality has been an important Christian value from the very beginning. The commands to welcome the stranger and the practice of Jesus in opening his ministry to all, especially those whom no one else welcomed, serve as our inspirations to do likewise.

In our community, we take hospitality and the importance of welcoming very seriously. Whether it’s in the way we offer hospitality throughout the year at Feed the Quad, Cocoa on the Quad, or our hosting of our movie nights, or in our open and welcoming atmosphere during worship and fellowship, we want everyone to feel welcomed in our community.

Our community has a hospitality coordinator who is responsible for helping us to ensure that we are as open and welcoming as we can be. If you have ideas for hospitality, suggestions about how we can be more welcoming, or would like to work with us in hospitality, e-mail  hospitality (at) aumethodists.org.

As part of our commitment to hospitality, we are committed to being an inclusive community where all are welcomed.

An Inclusive Community

AU United Methodist Student Fellowship is a Reconciling Campus Ministry, affirming the call of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be in ministry with all people of all races, sexual orientations, ages, or physical conditions. The Ministry is affiliated with MoSAIC: Methodist Students for an All-Inclusive Church, seeking to extend Christ’s ministry and inclusivity among all members of the body of Christ.

Everyone is welcome to join us for any or all of our activities–or to suggest new ones!

Read our Reconciling Statement.

See our chaplain’s statement on inclusiveness during this time of war.