Hypothetical Christmas Party

AU Clubs aren’t permitted to schedule events during Finals Week. But if we were we’d have a Christmas Party in the downstairs Kay Lounge at 7pm on Tuesday, December 13th.

There would be cookies, snacks, and merriment, and there would definitely be a WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE [in which everyone who attends would bring a gift, silly or serious, to exchange with their friends (with a max cost of about $5)].

It would be so cool if we all happened to gather in Kay and have a little Christmas party. Hypothetically, of course.

The White Elephant gift exchange necessitates that people who would like to participate bring a little gift. Rules will be explained at the event. If you have questions please e-mail president@aumethodists.org.

Christmas Cookie Baking

Join the us in baking and decorating Christmas cookies at the home of our generous friend Barbara Gaskill! There will be cookies to go into our finals bags and more to take home!

We’ll meet at Kay at 12:30 on Saturday, and walk over to the Gaskills’ together.

All are welcome.