Mythological Methodist Murder Mystery Party

Join the AU United Methodist-Protestant Community for a Greek mythology themed murder mystery party held in the vestry of Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church!

“I hope this invitation finds you well! Some important things to keep in mind for Friday’s festivities:

Dress Code – Please dress in appropriate Greek attire.

Time: Please arrive promptly at 7pm, leaving all traces of your 21st century identity at the door.

Guests – Be mindful that the Trojans have been sacrificing greatly to Artemis, Hera, and Dionysus, while the Spartans routinely appeal to Demeter, Persephone, Zeus, and Athena. On another note, Cupid will be joining us, so watch out for flying arrows. If you are hit, however, fear not, for Cupid’s powers should wear off by the party’s end at 10:30pm.

Special information – You will soon be contacted with your own instructions for Friday’s party. Some of this information is highly classified, so be sure not to tell anyone! Do reach out to your relevant party guests, however, so you can adequately prepare.”

All are welcome!