There are a number of scholarships available for United Methodist (UM) students. Because American University (AU) is a United Methodist affiliated university, there are additional scholarships available to UM students attending UM affiliated schools.

Scholarships Administered by the University

United Methodist Ministerial Tuition Remission

Because of the historical ties of American University to The United Methodist Church, the University has instituted the United Methodist Ministerial Tuition Remission Program to benefit dependent children of United Methodist clergy (elders and deacons) who are enrolled at AU.

The tuition remission is a courtesy extended by AU to United Methodist clergy whose dependent child is enrolled full-time in an undergraduate degree program and who maintains no less than a 2.0. The grant is not guaranteed and is awarded as long as university funds are available.

To apply, contact Jennifer Baron Knowles, Assistant Director of the Kay Center, at or at (202) 885-3321 or visit the Kay website

Scholarships Administered by the United Methodist Chaplain’s Office

The United Methodist Foundation Scholars Program

A one time award to a freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior student; for academic performance, and active participation in the life of the church. Stipend: $1,000. Deadline: September 25. Download the application for these scholarships.

The United Methodist General Scholarship

Renewable scholarship for students who are full members of The United Methodist Church for at least one year prior to application; academic performance and financial need also considered. Average stipend: $500-$1000. Students can now receive both this scholarship and a Board of Higher Education and Ministry Scholarship (see below).

Apply for the UM General Scholarship.

Scholarships Administered by the Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Students cannot receive both one of these scholarships and a United Methodist General Scholarship (see above).

Apply for the scholarships below.

Graduate scholarship information can be found on the GBHEM website.

Allan Jerome Burry Scholarship Award

This scholarship program designed to recognize a United Methodist undergraduate student’s leadership skills and participation in the activities of a United Methodist-related Campus Ministry, Wesley Foundation or Chaplaincy program at their college or university. Candidates must be nominated by their campus ministry unit or college chaplain, be a full and active member of The United Methodist Church for at least three (3) years, be an undergraduate student and have a B+ or above grade point average.

The Ernest I. and Eurice Miller Bass Scholarship

Scholarship is available to students preparing for the ministry or other full-time religious vocation and have a 2.5 GPA or above. Deadline is June 1.

Ethnic Minority Scholarship

A renewable scholarship available to students born of African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander (at least one parent), have financial need; must be able to establish financial need; and must have a 2.5 GPA or above. Deadline is May 1.

The HANA Scholarship

A one-year, renewable scholarship for students born of Hispanic, Asian, Native American, or Pacific Island parentage (at least one parent) and identify with his/her particular ethnic community; be able to verify academic ability and financial need; have career goals that relate to the empowerment of her/his ethnic community; and be sensitive to social and higher education issues affecting ethnic minority communities. Deadline is April 1.

The Miriam Hoffman Scholarship Program

One year, renewable scholarship open to both undergraduate and graduate students preparing for a career in music education/music ministry; must be an active member of The United Methodist Church for at least one year prior to applying; enrolled in an accredited institution working toward a degree on a full-time basis; a citizen or permanent resident of the United States; must have a 2.3 GPA or above; and demonstrate financial need. Deadline is June 1.

The Priscilla R. Morton Scholarship

A one year, renewable scholarship for students with a 3.5 GPA or above. Deadline is June 1.

United Methodist Student Loan Program

The United Methodist Student Loan Program makes available up to $2,500 per calendar year at an interest rate of 6% to students who are active, full-time members of The United Methodist Church and who maintain at least a C average. To apply, visit the office of the United Methodist chaplain in the Kay Center.