On Our Way

Wednesday nights at 7:00pm we meet to discuss our faith. We are also invited to join the members of Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church for dinner, on a pay what you can basis. This semester we will be discussing:

On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life

Written for emerging adults, this book explores twelve practices particularly applicable to persons in their twenties: Study, Discerning God’s Call, Living as Community, Friendship and Intimacy, Making a Good Living, Care for Creation, Honoring the Body, Singing Our Lives to God, Knowing and Loving Our Neighbors of Other Faiths, Peacemaking and Nonviolence, Doing Justice, and Living in the Presence of God.

The Forgotten Man

This week: There WILL be a meeting today from 6-7 in the AU Lounge in Metropolitan and it will be about globalization and the Forgotten Man.

Practical Christianity is the name given to our weekly study and discussion group. The purpose of Practical Christianity is to explore ways in which the elements of our faith have application in our everyday lives. The topics for discussion will often mirror the theme of worship for the week or the topic of the sermon.